About us

PARK AND JET is an affordable solution for airport travelers. We aim to provide you with the best parking service at all of our locations. You deserve to enjoy your time away whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Our friendly and courteous staff will ensure that you will be off to a great start. Leave your vehicle in a safe and secure location close to the airport and enjoy your travels.

free shuttle service

We operate 24 hours a day with free shuttle service to the airport for our parking and hotel guests. Whether it’s for a day, week or a month, you can safely park your vehicle with us. Our secured parking lots are safe and fully lit around the clock, so you can travel worry-free.


When the weather is hot, cold, or raining, at each of our locations we offer a large waiting area in our lobbies unlike other airport parking services. Our lobbies are equipped with restrooms, ATMs, pantries as well as internet services for your convenience. For those of you who live outside the city and have to take an early flight, we also offer special room rates at our affiliated hotels – see our Hotel Packages.

Airport Parking at Unbeatable Prices

Choose the parking lot closest to your airport and check out afforable daily/weekly/monthly rates.

Weekly Rates                 Vary per location

from $7.50 per day

Monthly Rates             Vary perLocation

from $5.00 per day

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How often does the shuttle run?

Shuttle service runs every 30 minutes on the hour, 24 hours per day. 

I am not staying at the hotel, can I still use Park and Jet?

Guest do not need to stay at the hotel to use the service 

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